We develop tailor-made software products using innovative technologies

Four pillars

  • Large workload
  • High level of availability
  • Innovative technologies
  • Tailored operation
  • Thirty experts

    The many years of experience of our developers and the constant professional control of our development managers are guarantees for success.

    Nineteen years

    We have created over 100 systems for our Hungarian and foreign clients since 1996.

    A single aim

    Our objective is to provide high quality services to our customers with a short deadline at an attainable price.

    About us


    customers worldwide

    470 000

    man-days of work
    Constant development, constant developing. This is the key to maintaining the standards expected by our customers, as well as us.

    The numerous Hungarian and foreign awards the company has received since 1996 and our long-time loyal clientele provide us feedback that we are on the right track.

    Our solutions


    We provide a solution for commercial companies based upon our e-commerce framework system that enables them to serve their retailers and end users efficiently.
    We have developed over a hundred commercial systems. There are very few demands in the field of e-commerce that we have not already come across.
    We always select any technology we use based upon the expectations towards the given system and the characteristics of our customer. Our framework system can be aligned to demands serving a few hundred, or even hundreds of thousands of transactions.
    Our solutions
    The electronic commerce systems we have developed manage over 50 billion HUF in turnover annually. Alongside planning and development, we also undertake operation in the case of practically all of our systems.
    State Motorway Management Zrt. (ÁAK) case study
    We set up the background system managing the full-scope of national motorway e-vignette commercial activities, inspecting vignette validity and imposing fines for the State Motorway Management Zrt.
    Coop case study
    We designed and developed a common product data system for the Coop retail chain which manages the products of the company group in a uniform structure.
    This system assists the daily work of thousands of Hungarian Coop stores.

    Card systems

    Our clients are offered services with the help of our promotion and point collection cards, which may not only increase customer loyalty, but also provide valuable statistical data.
    The card system the company has developed handles almost 1,200,000 transactions a day, more than the total transactions realised with bank cards in Hungary. Our system is capable of implementing complex business logics under extensive load.
    Our background system is available on both a web and a desktop interface and covers terminal management, customer services, accounting and CRM.
    Our solutions
    We offer tailor-made solutions catering for a variety of demands: integrated to the cash-desk, for various card types (barcode-based, virtual, or chip card), for various purposes (promotion cards (normal, striped), point collecting card).
    SuperShop case study
    We developed the complete background system of the company, the transaction management, customer service, accounting and statistical modules.

    The system serving two million card owners covers the areas of card application, card manufacturing and customer management.

    Unique developments

    We offer to develop systems catering for unique demands on web, desktop and mobile interfaces. We thoroughly assess unique demands thorough series of interviews, and design and create the software components accordingly.
    We have significant experience in back office type (project management systems, registration systems) and front office type (internet or intranet portals, touch screen information catalogues) solutions.
    Technology never becomes autoletic in our projects. We apply the latest technology; however always well-tested components and only if this helps the system operate in a way that is better aligned to demands.
    Our solutions
    We rely on continuous interviews and sound specifications in the case of our unique developments. Wherever demands make it possible, we rely on existing system components, thereby accelerating the development process and reducing costs.
    Coop PM case study
    The brand components of thousands of Coop stores will be renewed within eighteen months with the help of our system. The system manages the tasks and decisions of both stores and subcontractors and also feeds back status and statistical data to the head office.
    CBA case study
    The system operating in almost 60 CBA stores displays the wines sold by the company in a spectacular way and helps customers select. Besides marketing information, the system that also monitors the prices and stock of the given store runs on touch screen kiosks.

    1 200 000

    transactions a day


    A transparent and realistic project structure is the foundation for our work.

    Besides high standards, keeping deadlines is also of key importance in the case of a system critical from a business perspective. This can only be achieved through a sound project process.

    In a modern and flexible project process the customer must be provided insight into partially completed components at regular intervals.


    Central system covering card application, card manufacturing, accounting, customer service and marketing.

    The central commercial system of motorway e-vignette sales in Hungary.

    Electronic commerce system serving end users, corporate customers and partners integrated to SAP.

    The web shop of the company Zwack, where the products and gift packages of the company may be ordered.

    One of the largest Internet shops in the Hungarian market, which currently not only sells books, but also music, films, games and electronic devices.

    Coop’s common product data system and the project management system of Coop’s brand renewal; the largest among many developments.

    The intranet electronic commerce system of the Hungarian National Police Headquarters (ORFK).

    The procurement portal and intranet commerce system of Hungarian Telecom.

    Spectacular wine recommending kiosk application running on touch screen terminals assisting customers’ decisions in almost 60 CBA stores.

    Developing a system serving the ad-hoc and subscription commerce of the electronic documents of the British company.

    Call centre management and knowledge-base system of the EUline service.

    The project registration system of the European Union’s agency for the management of subsidised energy development projects.

    Route log logistics management system developed for MOL’s LPG business.

    The wholesale system of the chain of stores operating almost 50 outlets offering the opportunity to order directly from the warehouse.


    implemented systems


    Hungarian and international awards

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    CEO Árokszállási Erik
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